We often hear, “I just don’t want to deal with it”. If that is something you are saying, the buy-out option might be for you. When you are looking to clear out an estate quickly and the time and efforts of a sale or liquidation seem overwhelming, this is your best option. CAT will assess and evaluate your inventory and make an offer. If there are non-sellable items, we will quote what we would charge to remove these items for you. This cost can be negotiated into the offer.

Some of the benefits of the buyout option are:

■ Immediate return on high value items

■ Quick sale of items

■ Same day payment on buy-out items (if applicable)

■ Empty a home in a short time frame

■ No headaches of auction fees and time

■ Donation receipt (if applicable)

■ Hassle free removal of items



“Brandon and his crew were true professionals while working with my father’s estate belongings. Over 50 years of accumulated stuff and they were able to liquidate most all of it. Hardworking people that handled everything with care and honesty. Would highly recommend.”

-Leslie P. Middletown, OH


“CAT was a life saver! We needed to liquidate our business quickly due to lease obligations and the team worked non-stop to get it all gone in time.”

-Brent A. Cincinnati, OH


“CAT Liquidations handled my parent’s estate from beginning to end. Our family didn’t do much in the process besides picking out the keepsakes we wanted. Signed up for the cleanout package as well and the house was ready to put on the market. Would recommend to anyone.”

-Wanda L. Cincinnati, OH


“Brandon was prompt, professional and responsive during the entire process. Our house was a repository of things from many years, and there was no way we could have sorted, priced and sold it on our own. We were more than willing to forfeit a percentage of the proceeds to pay for the services they provided. Money well spent.”

-Ms. Mock Dayton, OH


“Brandon was an all around pleasure to work with. He and his staff did all the hard work while I spent much needed time with family mourning the loss of our father. Brandon was very professional, personable, respectful and helpful. He and his staff made it a truly seamless experience.”

-Rose C. Cincinnati, OH


“Great communication and easy to work with. Their team spent days making sure everything was properly placed, priced and setup. Even though it was a time of loss for our family they made the whole experience feel not so overwhelming.”

-Nathan H Hamilton, OH