Contact us at CAT Liquidations or another estate sale or commercial liquidation company, share with us your situation and schedule an appointment. It is important that we are able to view what you are wanting to liquidate so we can best assess the method in which will be most beneficial to you.

As soon as you realize you might need our services. We understand that situations arise and things can happen rather abruptly but the more advanced notice we have the better chance there is to fit you into the schedule. There are often sales lined up far in advance and the sooner we hear from you the better.

Our onsite assessment and consultation is free of charge.

Here we can discuss the feasibility of the sale. We will evaluate the best plan of action be it a in person sale, online sale, buy-out, clean-out or individual item purchase based upon what is presented. At this same time, we will review the contract with you, discuss the availability of our services and answer any and all questions you have.

There will be no up-front costs or expenses to you. Our services are based off commission of total sales which will be deducted from the proceeds at the conclusion of the sale. Each situation is much different and in order to be precise with our commission quotes we will need to see the assets to make a proper assessment.

Do not throw anything away prior to our onsite visit. You may be surprised at what has value and what people are interested in purchasing. Items that do not sell can always be donated or discarded at the conclusion of the sale.

It is hard to tell without seeing what is presented. We have been able to get sales up in a matter of days and a matter of a couple weeks. Situations with a high volume of items typically take longer however if there are a small amount of unique items we will need some time to properly research and appraise those items to retrieve a strong return for the client. We will be able to establish a timeframe upon initial appointment.

First step is to sort through, group, rearrange and assess the assets to properly group and price them. For in-person sales we will setup tables and position them throughout the house to make for a presentable viewing process for buyers. For online auction sales we will catalog and take pictures of all sellable items. Throughout this process we often find personal items like bank or tax documents, personal identifications, and other sensitive material which will be set aside and returned to the owner of the estate.

In Person – Typically 2-3 days (usually between Thursday and Sunday). Some estates have such a high volume of assets that they need to be spread across multiple weekends where the sale is done in multiple sections.

Online Auction – Anywhere from 7 days to 21 days. If the items are more unique or require more targeted buyers, we like to run the sale slightly longer. We have found that the return is greater in doing so for our clients.

Buy-Out/Clean-Out – Most buyouts or cleanouts can happen within a day or two but to be safe we typically say 3 to 4 days.

Yes, however discounts aren’t typically offered until the second or third day of the sale. This is done to ensure that the contents of the Estate are mostly liquidated in the duration of the sale. All discounts’ schedules will be established with the owner prior to holding the sale.

Yes, we handle it all through email, fax or registered mail. The process is quite simple. If you are working through a power of attorney, we can go through them as well.

We will assist our clients with donating the left overs. We also offer our clean out services. The choice is ultimately up to the client and will be discussed with them during consultation.

Unfortunately, we cannot work in a home that someone is living in.