Anyone can attend our sales. If you are bidding on an online auction you will need to create an account on the auction site the sale is being held on. For both in-person and online be sure to read the sale specifics as each sale has a different address and slightly different guidelines.

No. Everything that a client is hiring us to sell will be available for purchase at the sale on a first come first serve basis. When we post pictures advertising the sale it shows what will be offered, it is bad practice if someone shows up to the sale for a specific item and it has already been sold pre-sale.

We are reasonable people and will entertain certain situations. However, the stuff we sell is sold as is. If you want to test an item prior to purchase please let a staff member know and we will do our best to accommodate.

We currently do not offer any delivery services for our in-person sales. Some online auctions delivery and freight options are available see the sale specifics for more details.

No. All items are only for sale during the designated time of the sale.

Yes. However, we don’t typically discount or accept offers on the first day of the sale. The discount percentage varies from sale to sale and day of sale. Offers are accepted after the first day of sale and must be reasonable offers.

We do have an online store click HERE to view items. We currently do not have a physical location.

Due to the high volume of inquires in this regard we do not answer pricing questions before the sale opens. Once the sale opens, we are more than happy to answer pricing and availability questions. The best way to get in touch with us is by calling 513-580-7844. Keep in mind that the opening hours we are quite busy and may not be able to get to your call right away.

Yes. We will write you a receipt for the item and label it as sold. You will be required to pick up the item during the hours of the sale. If you are unable to pick up the item before the sale ends you must contact us to make arraignments however there could be additional storage and handling fees involved.

No. However once the sale begins you can call and we will accept payment over the phone and place those items in our sold section for you to pick up on arrival. Please be aware that our sales are quite busy during the opening hours and we may not be able to answer your call. The best way to ensure you are able to purchase items is the arrive early in person to the sale.